born from a love of fashion's ability to empower + what clothing can allow you to express without words, autumn + bower is inspired by finding harmony among natural textiles, architectural construction, thoughtful print, and curious texture. seeking this balance of intricate detailing + serene minimalism allows us to span decades for inspiration bridging the gap between vintage niches. 

autumn + bower's mission is to bring you vintage and salvaged pieces that exemplify these traits so you can give them new life. the motivation lies in the excitement and joy of discovering over-looked or discarded treasures + helping reduce garment industry waste through re-use. i am thrilled to unite you + the piece you never knew you were missing.

welcome to autumn + bower.



 co-founder kalesa has 14+ years of fashion experience + an education background in fashion design and english literature. a bay area native living in Long Beach, kalesa spends her non-fashion-related free time taking photos of her cats, crafting from driftwood, geeking out over wine, cheering on other lady-boss friends & formulating run on sentences.